12 ways to use “52 Weeks to Fortify Your Family” in your life

12 ways to use book

The book 52 Weeks to Fortify Your Family may have started as a quick and effective morning devotional for your kids, but it actually has so much potential for so many other things!

Check out twelve different ways to use 52 Weeks to Fortify Your Family in your home and life:

  1. Use at the breakfast table for a morning devotional.
  2. Spark a conversation in the car on the way to work or school.
  3. Discuss over the lunch hour with your co-workers.
  4. Pair it with your nightly family prayers.
  5. Create a quick and amazing Family Home Evening lesson (that even matches your weekly study topics).
  6. Dive into a deep Sunday conversation with your spouse.
  7. Quickly write a themed talk for your Primary child.
  8. Easily structure your own Sacrament Meeting talk.
  9. Find extra resources for your Primary lesson in this book.
  10. Start your daily home-school lesson off on a spiritual note.
  11. Use the ‘holiday section’ for a spiritual spin on any holiday.
  12. Grab a notebook and journal your testimony of each topic during your personal scripture study.

Press release announcing book launch


January LDS nonfiction titles include God’s love, puzzles, and family study aid

SPRINGVILLE, Utah (Jan. 13, 2015)—Cedar Fort Publishing & Media is happy to announce the release of its January LDS nonfiction titles. These include a children’s book about God’s love, a week-by-week guide for strengthening the family and a scripturally based puzzle book.

“My Heavenly Father Loves Me” was created by Rebecca Ridges Jensen and includes the lyrics to the children’s Primary song of the same title by Clara McMaster. Shawnda Craig provided the illustrations used in this board book, which helps even the youngest child see Heavenly Father’s love through His wondrous creation. This book is perfect for nursery and junior Primary children.

Nicole Carpenter’s “52 Weeks to Fortify Your Family: 5-Minute Messages” contains small and simple daily devotionals that will help family members make good decisions and strengthen their testimonies. This book is designed to help families study the scriptures and contains a new theme for each week. Scriptural verses, quotes and questions for each day are provided so that family members can discuss the gospel together.

MaryAlice Wallis’s and Charlotte Lindstrom’s “Scripture Puzzlers” helps readers master the scriptures while having fun. Readers can find hidden messages, work through puzzles and unscramble clues as they learn essential truths found in scripture mastery passages. This book is ideal for seminary, Sunday School, family night, personal scripture study or missionary preparation.

Each of these titles is available from online retailers and wherever LDS books are sold.



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Bestselling author Nicole Carpenter

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